Why are Chocolate Easter Eggs so Traditional?

Do you know that the first Easter eggs were made in Germany and France in the beginning of century XIX? The chocolate was a little bit different from the chocolate that we eat nowadays, because they were massy, bitter and the texture was grainy.

The flavour and the smooth texture of the chocolate came from 1828, with the invention of the press to separate, created by Dutch Coenraad van Houten, the cocoa butter was able to achieve its pure taste. In England, the first chocolate Easter eggs were made by JS Fry in 1873. In this time, the Easter eggs were very expensive, because they were luxury goods. In 1875, Cadbury begun to produce their Easter eggs and soon they became successful. Other companies started to produce chocolate eggs for the Easter, and this became a “tradition” around the world.

Nowadays, Brazil has the culture to produce handmade Easter eggs, so families can prepare the chocolate together or small companies can produce it while everyone has a good time. The Brazilian palate is sweeter, so we have the culture to make a lot of different types of Easter eggs from chocolate eggs with fillings to “spoonable” eggs, these are half-eggs that you can eat the filling with a spoon.

Besides this, on Easter it is common to meet with families and friends to give chocolate eggs for each other or play with kids. Normally, parents hide some Easter eggs in the house, putting some mini chocolate eggs in the ground to look like a trail, and the children search for their chocolate eggs.

In Brazil, Easter is a date that families and friends can have fun together and enjoy a good handmade chocolate.

How is Easter Egg tradition?

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