The Famous Brigadeiro

Do you know what Brigadeiro stands for? Brigadeiro is a Brazilian sweet made with chocolate, butter and condensed milk. It was created as a result from shortage circumstances in 1945, after World War II, when the country was in election time for a new President.

Eduardo Gomes, a presidential candidate who was famous among women, had a military patent of Brigadeiro. This rank was used in his slogan for the campaign as “Vote in Brigadeiro, who is beautiful and single”.

Thus, some of his electors decided to promote his campaign by collecting funds and giving him visibility. Contrary to selling the usual electoral merchandising, his electors decided to elaborate a sweet that could be sold on the events. There was not enough milk and sugar on supermarkets, once this event was after a Wold War. Hence, it was complicated to make any candies.

Therefore, his electors searched for other ingredients that could substitute those that were missing. It was decided to use condensed milk and chocolate powder.

The condensed milk was created to sterilize the milk pre-cooling and became indispensable in War times. According to the Words Without Borders, World War II created imports of products deficit that were essential for desserts, thus desserts were made with ingredients that were available.

The sweet was a success, but Eduardo Gomes didn’t win the election. The candy ended up known as “Brigadeiro’s candy” for not only being sold in his campaign, but also for establishing his name among voters. During the 50’s, the sweet had the name abbreviated for Brigadeiro and it spread throughout the country.

Brigadeiro is always well received for birthdays, special dates, weddings, family reunions and business events. Why don’t you try it?

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