Coconut Sweets - or Beijinho Recipe

In the last post, I told you about our famous Brazilian sweet called Brigadeiro. Now, it’s time to tell you about Beijinho. So, what is Beijinho?

Beijinho, translating in English means “Little kiss”, is a sweet that Brazilians are used to make or buy for parties. Everyone loves the most famous pair of sweets in Brazilian parties: Brigadeiro and Beijinho. We know that Brigadeiro is a typical sweet, but what about Beijinho? Where did it came from?

The Beijinho’s recipe came from convents in Portugal, where it was common for nuns to occupy their time by creating new recipes. The real name of this candy was Nun’s Kiss or “Beijo de Freira”.  Those convents at that time had candies with appealing names which included erotic and seductive feelings. These names ended up compromising the religious vocation of many sisters. It is important to note that many sisters went to convents due to misbehaviour that was appointed by their parents or husbands. Other nuns occupied such activity because they were the younger siblings, thus a lesser dowry made them less interesting for marriage in their parent’s view.

With the Brazil’s colonization, the sweet came with the Portuguese Royal Family and was adapted by the cooks with local ingredients. With the occupation of more territories, the recipe spread throughout Brazil by housewives. The culinary tradition was passed from housewives to their daughters and sweets were sold throughout Brazil.

The original recipe contained eggs, a mix with water and sugar, and almonds. The eggs were replaced when condensed milk arrived in Brazil. The condensed milk gave more creaminess to the candy and was cheaper than eggs. The almonds were replaced by coconut because the coconut was more crunchy and sweet.

Beijinho is a sweet that has Portuguese inspiration, however, people started to modify the recipe and this sweet became famous throughout the country.

How about you? Have you tried the famous Beijinho? In your next party, there will be surely a special place for some Brazilian candies such as Beijinho.

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